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Originating from Colombia, I honed my skills as a makeup artist for numerous years. Upon relocating to NYC, I secured a representation contract with a distinguished talent agency, granting me the privilege of collaborating with industry luminaries.
Amidst the pandemic, my life took an unexpected turn when my husband faced a life-threatening brain tumor, compelling him to undergo two intricate surgeries. As I supported his recovery, I applied my skin care knowledge to enhance the texture and color of the scar left behind. Witnessing positive results fueled my exploration of advanced skin healing techniques.
Motivated by personal challenges, including the loss of my mother, I embarked on a mission to fulfill a longstanding dream: utilizing my expertise to help individuals with scars and people who have undergone mastectomies.
Uniting my diverse career stages, experiences, and heartfelt dedication, I’ve found my calling. My purpose is to serve, support, and continuously expand my knowledge with utmost sincerity.



Areola & 3D Nipple Tattoo

Areola and Nipple tattoos. Ideal for breast cancer survivors, those with scarring from implants, gender affirmation, or enhancing areola aesthetics. Takes 2-3 sessions, spaced 6-8 weeks apart, and utilizes permanent ink for everlasting, natural-looking results!

Stretch Marks

Inkless Stretch Mark Remover! Natural serums, needles, and peels target all types, especially deeper and wider ones, promoting cell turnover and Fibroblast reconstruction. Achieve results from 20% to 80% reduction.

Scar Revision

Enhance skin repair through precise, superficial work addressing hyperpigmentation, scars, and keloids. Our Dermic Tissue Abrasion (DTA) re-injures old scars, followed by stem cell infusion for rapid repair. Ensure optimal healing for new scars with our guided Scar Plan, beginning post-surgery for maximum results.

I cannot thank you enough. You are one talented artist. Your energy is unmatched. Thank you for helping me close this cycle and start my new one. This world needs more people like you who have a passion for what they do. I pray that God continues to bless people like me with people like you. 💞 Eternally grateful
Monica Nieves
Monica Nieves
Natalia is absolutely GIFTED at what she does. We have done stretch mark revision on my inner thighs and she has been doing my eye brows for a few years now. Literally everyone is SHOCKED when I tell them that they are tattooed. Because of the ink she uses, it is impossible to tell. Her dedication to precision is unmatched and she always leaves me looking so natural. To not have to do my brows every morning, has not only saved me time but also given me so much confidence. Her space is so clean and cute and she is always on time.
remy moore
remy moore
THE BEST! Came to Natalia to cover up some liposuction scars… she made me feel so comfortable and my results are so natural. She helped my though one of my biggest insecurities. 100% recommend!!!!
Stephen Spector
Stephen Spector



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